Energy Efficient Kitchen Part 3 | Vancouver Plumbers Blog


Using a small pot on a large burner wastes over 40% of the burner’s heat! Save energy and money (approximately $20 to $40 annually) by making sure you use the right sized pot on stove burners, and cover pots and pans to contain heat when you’re cooking. If you have a gas range, keep the burners clean to ensure the efficiency of your stove.

Green tip: Blue flames indicate good combustion; yellow flames indicate that your range may require service. Servicing your range when you see a yellow flame can help to ensure that it is burning efficiently.

Greener tip: Replace your electric or gas range with an EnergyStar certified range to save the maximum amount of energy possible!

Range Hood

Save more energy in your kitchen with a high efficiency range hood. These guys help to remove cooking odors and control air moisture when cooking on the stovetop. EnergyStar certified models use 60% less energy than standard models, and they’re also quieter!


Chat in the kitchen on an EnergyStar certified cordless phone with switch-mode power supplies and smart chargers for maximum telephone energy saving!

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