Helpful Tips from a Vancouver Plumber

Know Your Limits

When getting into plumbing, it is important to understand that some projects will be quite time-consuming, and may require skills and knowledge beyond plumbing. Set aside an extended amount of time to begin and complete projects, keeping in mind that certain fixtures may be inoperable until the job is done. Compared to an experienced plumber, novice plumbers require approximately 3 times the amount of designated time to complete a job.

Helpful Pre-Project Tips

Before you start ANY project, remember to turn off the water! Test that the water has been correctly shut off by turning on a faucet. As you may be required to work in cramped spaces, make sure that the area you will be in is comfortable. Place some folded towels on the ground to act as cushions, have a flashlight nearby to illuminate dark areas, and designate a rag to become your drop cloth, which will catch any falling water or grime.

Need Help? Call a Local Vancouver Plumber

Always keep in mind that while you may have the know-how to complete a project, you may not necessarily have enough free time. If you find yourself living in a perpetual work site, it may be worth it to call on an expert plumber to complete the task or work as a consultant. Also be aware of local codes as certain codes may require that only licensed professionals do the job. The plumbers at Plumbing & Drain Rescue will be ready for your call!

Picking A Plumber in Vancouver

When considering a major plumbing job, it is best to get quotes from a few plumbers for comparison. Remember to ask about any additional fees, such as permits. If a plumber tells you there is an “inspection fee” always clarify exactly what the inspection entails. Ensure that the plumber you choose is licensed, bonded, and has liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

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