Plumbing Safety Guidelines

Basic Plumbing Safety from Vancouver Plumber Plumbing and Drain Resuce

• If a job causes you to get wet, keep away from electrical outlets/fixtures. You can also shut off the power at the service panel.
• Always follow manufacturer instructions and take proper precautions when dealing with electrical work in combination with plumbing.
• Avoid touching electrical outlets and do not ignite any sparks.
• When working near gas pipes, shut off the gas at a point prior to the location you’re working in, and make sure the area is well-ventilated.
• Wear a respirator when working with chemicals and a dust mask when cutting materials.
• When working on drainpipes, be sure to seal the pipes with a rag as they may contain hazardous smelly or odorless gases.
• Install a CO2 detector in any room containing a gas-burning appliance, as well as in living areas.
• When soldering pipe, protect any flammable surfaces and keep a fire extinguisher handy.
• Only use the tools designed for the job to avoid damage and injury.
• Protect your eyes with safety goggles, especially when soldering, cutting, pounding, or working over your head.
• Wear heavy, long sleeved shirts and long-legged pants to protect yourself from injury and contamination from potential highly bacteria-ridden wastewater.
• Wear gloves when handling chemicals, sharp objects, or heavy and awkward loads.
• Launder worn clothing and wash your hands upon completion of a job.
• If you’re ever in doubt, stop working. Consult your plumbing resources, or call your local Vancouver plumbers at Plumbing & Drain Rescue!

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