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As Vancouver plumbers we make it our responsibility to help homeowners who shy away from plumbing tasks because they are often viewed as difficult and potentially messy jobs. Unfortunately homeowners who take on even the most skilled plumbing jobs end up with messy results. The best way to be prepared is to have a basic understanding of plumbing in general, and an advanced understanding of your home’s plumbing system in particular.

Typically, any plumbing that is exposed- that is, not hidden behind a wall- is easy for a handy DIY person to tackle. Using inexpensive tools, exposed p-traps and faucets can be unclogged, taken apart, replaced or repaired with relative ease! As the fixtures you work on become bulkier and more complex, so too will the plumbing job. For example, a kitchen sink is more difficult to install than a bathroom sink due to the amount of plumbing underneath the fixture.

On the same note, dealing with bathroom fixtures such as showers may require additional skills due to the shower supply lines being hidden behind walls. It is also important to note that when you move on to more complex projects such as installing fixtures and pipes in a new location, you need to follow local codes and have your project inspected by your local building department.

After you’ve scoped out your plumbing job, consider putting down a kneeling pad or drop cloth to cushion your knees, put a flashlight in place if the area is dark, and shut off the water supply to the fixture/area you will be working in. Next, test to ensure the water is off, and consider putting down a bucket or some old towels to catch the small amount of water that maybe dribble from open pipes.

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