Vancouver Drain Video Inspection Services

Often you can’t tell from the outside where a clog or blockage is located in your plumbing system. With Plumbing and Drain Rescue’s drain video inspection plumbing services, we can use a small camera to explore inside your drains and plumbing.

To avoid taking out sections of plumbing to explore inside your drains, video inspection provides a non-invasive way to explore drains. This video camera is equipped with a small, light-weight, high resolution camera, and sends back real-time video from inside your plumbing.

Our video inspection can find exactly where the clog is located, so that our plumbers know exactly what tool is needed for the job, or which sections of drain pipe need to be removed or replaced.

Call us today to book a consultation or appointment for a video inspection of your home plumbing drains. You can also use our online contact form here.

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