Vancouver Showers

Nothing is better than a warm shower on a cold day. If the shower in your home doesn’t suit your needs, maybe it’s time for a replacement or upgrade.

Shopping for a new shower can be exciting because there are so many options available. You can incorporate your shower into a bathtub, as a separate stand-alone shower, or completely customize a shower stall complete with massage jets, mood lighting, and even music!

When considering and choosing your new shower, consider your needs, decor and style of that bathroom, as well as the space you have available for your shower. Your plumbers at Plumbing and Drain Rescue can help you pick a pre-fabricated or custom shower that will help create your perfect bathroom oasis.

Along with your new shower, you can also choose from our wide range of faucets to further customize your shower stall. Consider a low-flow shower head to conserve water.

You can view the shower and faucet brands that we carry here, and call to book an appointment or consultation today!

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