Vancouver Backflow Prevention Services

If the pressure in your home’s plumbing system changes you could experience backflow into your home. You can call Plumbing and Drain Rescue for their backflow prevention services.

It’s not pleasant to have debris in your water supply. This debris will end up in the water you use in your sinks, dishwasher, tubs and showers, and fridge ice-makers causing serious health complications. Plumbing and Drain Rescue’s backflow prevention services help ensure this never happens to you.

There are several backflow protection techniques and products that our plumbers can install in your system. We will also make sure that whatever we install complies with local laws and regulations where applicable. Installed backflow devices and valves should be tested and repaired or replaced if necessary.

Examples of backflow prevention devices include: air gaps, atmospheric vacuum breakers, double check valves, pressure vacuum breaker assemblies, and reduced pressure zone devices.

Before you notice any debris backing up into your home water supply, call Plumbing and Drain Rescue and ask for their backflow prevention services today. Call us to book your appointment or consultation today 604-484-1515

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