Gas Lines

Working with gas lines in your home can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Thankfully, Plumbing and Drain Rescue are experts in gas line repair and cleaning. Our knowledgeable plumbers can safely and quickly perform and gas line repair and cleaning in your home.

Like any plumbing pipe, often cracks or leaks can occur over time. You can check for these easily on your own. Brush or spray a soapy solution over your gas pipes, especially around joints. You have a leak if you see bubbles. Turn off the main gas supply to your home immediately and never use any of your gas appliances until the plumbers at Plumbing and Drain Rescue have cleaned or repaired your gas line.

The first thing our plumbers will do when you hire them for gas line repair or cleaning is to test for the locations of leaks. Often we can simply repair the leak, or replace a small portion of pipe. Sometimes a more complete replacement is needed. Our qualified plumbers will explain all work needed or recommended before commencing.

Don’t forget to install a gas alarm to warn you of gas leaks in your home. If you have a serious gas leak in your home, get your family out of the house and inform any neighbours so they can evacuate too. In the most serious situations, call 911 before calling Plumbing and Drain Rescue.

If you need any gas line repair or cleaning in your home, call Plumbing and Drain Rescue to book an appointment today.

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