Vancouver Bathroom Plumber

The most common reasons that people call Plumbing and Drain Rescue for a bathroom plumber are to clear a blocked drain, or to retrieve fallen objects (often jewellery) from drains.

The most common sources of bathroom sink blockages include hair, toothpaste, soap, or other dirt and grime. Over time, these can get caught in the pipe and start to build up causing drainage problems or cracked bathroom drainage pipes. To help avoid dangerous clogs, place a small strainer over the drain to catch larger objects and always run a little extra water after you brush your teeth so the toothpaste, hair, and dirt have a little extra help traveling down the drain and out of your house.

To prevent clogs in your sink drains and to keep foreign objects, like jewellery, from falling down the drain, purchase a small sink strainer to place over the drain. This will catch larger objects from entering the drain and can be easily emptied and cleaned.

When you hire one of our bathroom plumbers, they will first inspect your sink and drain system. Often the clog or lost objects will be caught in the U shaped pipe directly under the sink and will be easy to retrieve. If the clog or object is further long the pipe, we can use a video snake to find the problem, then a special snaking tool to loosen and remove the blockages.

Next time you need a bathroom plumber for your bathroom sinks, call Plumbing and Drain Rescue to book an appointment for an inspection or cleaning.

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