Vancouver Faucet Repair Services

Faucets are an integral part of your plumbing. It allows you to control the flow of water coming from your water lines. Without it you would have a constant high-pressure flow of water coming out of your water taps. If your faucet breaks or has a leak, it’s time to call Plumbing and Drain Rescue to get your faucet repaired.

Faucets have many moving parts and as such, can crack or break. Sometimes our team of Vancouver plumbers can repair your faucets, but sometimes it’s in your best interest to have it fully replaced. Faucets and plumbing fixtures can be as inexpensive or expensive as your budget allows. Depending on your homes style there are many options available to choose from, and choosing a brand and style of faucet can be fun and exciting.

If your faucet snaps or breaks suddenly and you have water flying everywhere, your first step is to locate the shut-off valve (usually located under the sink) and turn it off as soon as you can. When the water has been turned off, call Plumbing and Drain Rescue and his plumber associates. We’re available by appointment for plumbing emergencies or regular services.

If you notice leaking water anywhere in your home, first call Plumbing and Drain Rescue, then clean up any pooling water as soon as you can to avoid more long-term damage to floors, walls, and ceilings.

Next time you need help with faucet repairs, maintenance, or replacement make Plumbing and Drain Rescue your first call.

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