Vancouver Sewer Line Cleaning

It’s a dirty job, so why not have someone else do it! Our plumbers will perform sewer cleaning, maintenance, and repairs quickly before any sewage ends up in your home or yard.

Some indicators that you may need replacement or cleaning of your sewer line include slowly flushing toilets throughout the home or seeing sewage backing up into tubs, sinks, and toilets.

Common culprits which may require our sewer cleaning or replacement include corroded or deteriorated pipes, cracks or breakages, household waste blockages, sunken pipes, or roots growing into your pipe and causing cracks or breaches.

Your home’s sewer line is the largest drain in your home. It connects the drains throughout your home to the city’s main sewer line. Debris from sinks, toilets and other plumbing can easily clog this pipe, restrict flow, and back-up into your home. Tree roots can also occasionally penetrate and poke holes in the pipe, causing your household waste to leak into your yard.

When our plumbers perform your sewer cleaning, we may insert a video camera down your drain pipes to inspect the inside of your main sewer line. We’ll be looking for any blockages that may need to be removed, and current or potential holes or breaches in the pipe. Should the problem be severe enough, we will recommend a full sewer link replacement.

If you need the sewer cleaning services, call Plumbing and Drain rescue to book an appointment. If the problem is more serious and requires immediately attention, our plumbers are available 24-7 for all plumbing related emergencies.

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