Vancouver Dishwasher Repair Services

Most of us cannot live without our dishwasher. When your dishwasher lines or kitchen waterlines need repair, call your plumbers at Plumbing and Drain Rescue.

The first tip to maintaining your dishwasher is to always rinse your dishes thoroughly before putting them in the appliance. Large food debris could clog the dishwasher drain or be re-deposited on your dishes. Often, even with our best maintenance efforts, appliances and their waterlines can deteriorate and you’ll be looking for a dishwasher repair plumber one day.

If you notice any water around your dishwasher, stop the cycle immediately. Look for obvious sources of the leak. Also check that your dishwasher is sitting level on the floor and raise or lower the “feet” until it’s level. For added protection, you can place a water catchment mat under the dishwasher to catch leaks before they cause damage to your floors.

For safety, our plumbers will always shut off the water and power to your dishwasher before performing any dishwasher repairs in your home.

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