Vancouver Pipe and Water Line Repair Services

Your community water supply comes into your home via a water line. If you’re noticing dirty water coming from all your taps and fixtures (and none of your neighbours have the same problem), there could be a crack or breach in your main water line. This requires the work of a qualified water line repair plumber, such as the ones you’ll find at Plumbing and Drain Rescue.

Often shifts in the ground, encroaching tree roots, or even pipe corrosion can cause cracks or breaches in your water line. These could allow for debris to enter the pipe, and your home’s water supply, or water to leak into your yard or home. Our plumbers have the experience and special tools to find the source of the leak or beach. After shutting off the main water line to your house, we’ll investigate to see it it’s easily fixed with a patch.

Sometimes a simple water line repair for homes isn’t enough and we’ll need to replace entire sections of the water line pipe. Our plumbing team have replacement pipe available and install it safely for you.

If you suspect any problems with your home’s main water line, or would like some seasonal maintenance and cleaning, call Plumbing and Drain Rescue to book an appointment today 604-484-1515

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