Vancouver Drain Cleaning and Repair Services

Plumbing and Drain Rescue performs drain cleaning and repair for all drains in your home. Whether you have a clog, small blockage, or any leaks for breakages in your drain pipes, our qualified drain plumbers can help with any drain cleaning and repair needed in your home.

An easy way to maintain and prevent clogs in your drains is to put a small strainer over the drains in your home. This will catch any larger objects before they fall down your drain and prevent other objects like jewellery or contact lenses from falling and getting lost down the drain. Be sure to regularly empty the strainer into your garbage and not back down the drain.

When you noticed a poorly draining drain, or have liquid or solids backing up in your sinks and tubs, call your local drain cleaners at Plumbing and Drain Rescue who specialize in drain cleaning and repair, can get your sinks and tubs working like new again.

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