Laundry Drain Cleaning Services in Vancouver

Plumbing and Drain Rescue also provides laundry drain cleaning services. We all know how dirty our clothes can get, especially if you have kids.

Often dirt and most of all detergent particles can clog your laundry drain causing water drainage problems, and ultimately leading to wet, mildewed clothes. Your clothes just won’t be as clean.

Our team of plumbers offer laundry drain cleaning services where we will clear any blockages from your laundry drain so it performs better and you get cleaner clothes. Depending on how deep or severe the blockage is, we may use a special drain snake or video inspection scope to find and remove the blockage.

To help prolong the life of your laundry drain and avoid blockages, check your clothes for larger particles of dirt and shake them into the garbage before putting those clothing articles into your laundry machine.

If you suspect that you need laundry drain cleaning to improve the performance of your laundry machine, give Plumbing and Drain Rescue a call to book an appointment today.

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